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B4215SNTSlumbering Santa Enamel Holiday Bracelet
E4204SNTSlumbering Santa Enamel Holiday Earrings
E3026-SETFestive Holidays Gold Earrings Set
B4215TROh Christmas Tree Enamel Holiday Bracelet
E4401Tis the Season Enamel Christmas Tree Earrings
R4500SNTSlumbering Santa Enamel Santa Ring
N4703Tis the Season Enamel Christmas Tree Necklace
E4400Stocking Stuffer Gold Chain Earrings
N4549-PPLong Graduating Faux Pearl Necklace
B5553-PPSilver Plate Plastic Rhinestone Flower Cuff Bracelet
N4550-PPLong Faux Pearl Seed Bead Necklace
N45663 Line Graduating White Faux Pearl Bead Necklace
E4514Black Lucite Sparkle Dangle Post Earring
E8264Silver Metal Black Bead Curvy Earring
B4614-PPJeweled Resin Bangle
N3612Long Sequin Pendant & Feather Necklace
HA4504RDRed Feather & Mesh Fascinator
B5544-PPLarge Dark Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet
N4605-PPCrystal Cluster Pendant Necklace
HA4504TQTurquoise Feather & Mesh Fascinator
N7384-PPCrystal Square Necklace
N7393-PPJeweled Pendant Silver Chain Necklace
E5542Snake Bite Silver Hoop Serpent Earrings
N5663-PPPlastic Facet Bead Necklace
N7133-PPScalloped Silver Metal Glass Bead Necklace
N4616Black Crystal Bib Ribbon Necklace
R5551-PPAdjustable Facet Metallic Bead Cluster Ring
N4737-PPBright Jewel Drape Necklace
N3625-PPGold & Facet Bead Bar Necklace
N7008-PPFacet Jewel Bib Necklace
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