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Men's Jewelry

Men's Jewelry
Shop ZAD for all your wholesale Men's jewelry needs. We have a unique collection of Men's Jewelry for retailers throughout the world. Whether you are adding to your existing line of men's jewelry or just getting into reselling men's jewelry, our sales reps can assist you throughout the process. At ZAD we only sell to retailers so please create an account to see pricing.

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Black Crossed Leather Strap Men's Bracelet

Take a walk on the wild side with this leather straps men's bracelet. Wide leather men's bracelet with crisscrossed leather strips for the man who needs to add a little danger to his outfit.

• Genuine leather men's bracelet
• Unique silver ball closure
• Measures 8" long to fit a man's wrist
• Handmade in India

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Woven Thread Men's Baja Bracelet

Great guy's bracelet in woven fabric of assorted colors.

• Measures 8.5" with silver interlocking clasp
• Neutral tone embroidered fabric will compliment his entire wardrobe
• Handmade in India

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Woven Silver Celtic Men's Bracelet

Hey guys, want to take it up a notch? Slender silver metal braided cuff bracelet is the perfect way to increase your fashion factor. Sleek and stylish whether you are wearing a Tshirt or tuxedo.

• Celtic braid design in silver plate over brass metal
• Adjusts easily to individual wrist widths
• Handmade in India

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Knotted Leather Men's Bracelet

Classic men's bracelet style in knotted leather. From hippies to hipsters, this look wears well through the test of time.

‣ Two line brown leather accented with twine and silver metal for natural appeal.
‣ Closes with easy to secure and stylish hook clasp.
‣ Wear alone or stacked with others for extra boho vibe.
‣ Comes carded with Men's label for easy customer classification.
‣ Handmade in India.

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Cord & Silver Bars Men's Bracelet

A men's bracelet with rustic appeal. Mixed material men's bracelet includes muted tone cord wrapped around brown leather with burnished silver bars.

• Unique buckle and snap closure
• Burnt orange, cream and teal cord provides subtle color
• Burnished silver for a worn-in look
• Handmade in India

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Black Leather & Silver Bars Men's Bracelet

A bracelet for the sophisticated man. Thick black leather men's bracelet includes black cord wrapping bordered with thick solid silver bars.

• Genuine Leather
• Unique hook closure
• Black & silver design can be worn with a suit or a t-shirt!
• Antiqued silver metal for worn in look
• Handmade in India

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Braided Black Leather Men's Bracelet

The bracelet every man should own! This classic men's bracelet style with black braided leather design. Perfect for the everyday man!

• Tightly woven braided design
• Easy to wear button & loop closure
• Genuine leather
• Handmade in India

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Rustic Brown Braided Leather Men's Bracelet

Easy to pile on the bracelets with this 3 in one men's leather pull bracelet. Separate strands of light and dark brown braided leather come together in back at the pull closure. Sure to be an every day accessory.

• Three strands braided leather include darker brown rounded on either side of flat lighter brown
• Connected in back by wrapped black waxed linen cord leading to pull closure
• Accented with black beads to finish ties
• Handmade in India

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Edgy Black Twisted Leather Men's Bracelet

Black tube braid men's bracelet wraps twice and closes with masculine silver hook.

• Black leather braided into round tube
• Total length 16.5" to double up on the wrist
• Oversize hook makes for easy latching
• Handmade in India

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Anchor's Aweigh Brown Leather Men's Bracelet

Accessories for the nautical man! Brushed silver anchor bracelet is knotted onto brown leather bracelet for a rugged and seaworthy look.

• Larger bracelet closes with pull closure to fit any man's wrist
• Brushed silver anchor centerpiece
• Genuine leather bracelet
• Handmade in China

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Black Lava Bead Men's Stretch Bracelet

Earthy black lava beads have a masculine appeal that's subtle and sexy. A bracelet that's perfect for men from all walks of life.

‣ Strung on elastic for comfortable, adjustable fit for even the biggest guy's wrist.
‣ Engraved silver bead adds the perfect ethnic accent.
‣ Keep it low key and wear it with jeans or assert your style alongside your business attire.
‣ Wear it alone or add it to the mix of many.
‣ Designated Men's on card for easy customer recognition.
‣ Made in China.

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Set of 2 Black Bead & Tiger Eye Men's Stretch Bracelets

Black and brown beaded bracelets make this the perfect set for the modern man. Enjoy the confidence boosting power of sexy style!

‣ Subtle combination of matte, shiny, and textured beads make chic presentation with masculine feel.
‣ Set of 2 beaded bracelets include geniune Tiger's Eye and lava stone for earthy appeal.
‣ Stretchy elastic allows for comfortable fit.
‣ Wear one, both or many.
‣ Designated Men's on card for easy in-store recognition.
‣ Made in China.

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Set of 4 Wood & Cord Wrap Men's Bracelets

Men's bracelet in natural wood and cord set fits in wherever a guy goes. Boho style for the modern world.

‣ Stetchy elastic and pull closure assure comfortable fit no matter the wrist size.
‣ Great men's accessory for day or night activities.
‣ Browns and blacks can be worn with any outfit.
‣ Card marked Men's for quick customer recognition.
‣ Handmade in India.

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Men's Bracelet Program

Bracelet program includes 48 men's bracelets on spinning wood counter display.

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Antiqued Silver Adjustable Men's Band Ring

Wide band men's bracelet with ethnic designs are a must have men's accessory. With hammered, textured and mixed chain designs, these rings are perfect for the fashionable man.

• Handmade in India
• Pack of 6 includes 3 assorted designs
• Adjustable size 9-13

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Silver Men's Band Ring Program

Silver men's band ring program includes 42 men's band rings with free+ ring tray included.

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Brown Bar Bead Men's Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

Natural bone bead men's bracelet that wraps around the wrist. Brown and white bone beads lend a beachy flair to this men's wrap bracelet. The quintessenail bracelet for the festival going man!
‣ Handmade in India
‣ Made of durable bone beads
‣ Measures 16" long wraps twice around a man's wrist
‣ Can also be worn as a Men's Necklace!

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